First Ever Korean-American Social Party ‘Dalkome’ a Huge Success
DATE 17-12-01 01:08
글쓴이 : 토부장      
by Alex Kim | News Korea


The very first Korean-American Social Party in Dallas “Dalkome” ended in a great success on Friday, November 10th in NewsKorea auditorium.

More than 50 young men and women attended the party and enjoyed the night packed with musical performances, a photo zone, food, games, and cash prizes.

Upon entrance, each guest showcased their modeling skills at the Dalkome photo booth. The photos uploaded to Instagram using #dalkomesocialparty were up for chances to win cash prizes.

The evening was hosted by, the dynamic duo, Danny Kim and Seul-Ki Kim. Their witty and clever remarks drew laughter from the crowd throughout the entire evening.

A few ice breaker games were introduced in the beginning of the party. Guests won cash prizes, tumblers, and restaurant coupons.

Dalkome social party offered mingling and networking opportunities to young individuals who had been seeking healthy environment to meet new people and have a productive discussion. Numerous topics including jobs, education, and dating were discussed amongst the guests.

Mi-Ji, a Dallas-based Korean-American guitarist who had been featured in Korean television shows such as “Tribe of Hip Hop 2” and “Show Me the Money 5”, surprised the guests at Dalkome Social Party. Mi-Ji performed “So-Sick” by Ne-Yo and a song written by herself, “Sugarcoat”.

A wide variety of foods were provided at the party including: chicken, sandwiches, sushi, cupcakes, and fresh fruits.

The event was made possible by the support of generous sponsors, such as Ddong-Go Pocha, The PN, 7-Eleven, and Gangnam Sushi.

An event planning company, The PN, helped decorate the venue. “Pleasure was all ours to be involved in such a meaningful event for young men and women in Dallas,” said the CEO of The PN, “we wish to see more networking events such as this in the future.”
One of the guests commented, “At first, I was reluctant to attend this event, but I had a great time. It was exciting to meet new people and have in-depth conversations.”

“Church was the only place that I could meet my peers,” said Hae-Jin Hong, Dalkome’s guest, “I was so excited to hear about Dalkome Social Party where I could connect with a wider variety of people.”

Dalkome’s chief organizer, Da-Woon Kwon, stated, “As the first step is always the hardest, it wasn’t easy planning for Dallas’s first ever Korean-American social event. I’m just happy that we had a great turnout.”

“The concept of ‘social event’ may be still awkward to our Dallas Korean-Americans,” Kwon added, “but we’ll continue to work diligently to implement social event culture in Korean-American Dallas community. The second Dalkome social party will be even more interesting and in larger scale.”

The host organization, NewsKorea, expressed their gratitude for every guest and sponsor that made Dalkome social party possible. NewsKorea seeks to get more youth audience involved in Dallas Korean-American community.




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