IntelliChoice Awards Scholarships to Underprivileged Area Students
DATE 17-12-01 01:10
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by Alex Kim | News Korea


2017 IntelliChoice Scholarship Banquet was held on November 12, 2017 at University of Texas at Dallas.

Scholarships were awarded to 60 students from low-income families. IntelliChoice, a non-profit organization that provides mathematics tutoring to children who lack opportunities and resources, awarded each recipient with $500.00 for their outstanding attendance and household income.

For 24 years, IntelliChoice has been providing free tutoring to students from low-income families. The president of the organization and the professor at University of Texas at Dallas, Gil-Sik Lee, led the ceremony.

This year’s scholarship ceremony was accompanied by a tour of the University of Texas at Dallas’ campus.

Pastor In-Hwa Park from New Song Church in Carrollton commenced the ceremony. A Diverse group of students, including Koreans, Hispanics, and African-Americans, were honored with scholarships this year. With families taking photos and congratulating one another, the ceremony proceeded in a cordial atmosphere.

Dr. Calvin Jamison, Vice President for Administration at UTD, was invited as the keynote speaker. “I hope that the scholarship and the program offered by IntelliChoice help each student at UTD achieve their dreams,” said Dr. Jamison, “I will be cheering for each and every one of you to bring a positive impact around the world.” 

Sandy Williams, Vice President of Bank of America, delivered a congratulatory speech, “I am delighted that we are gathered here today to support our future leaders of the community.” She added, “I have faith that every single student that gathered here today will be of service to our society and bring a positive change to our community.”

After each commencement speech was delivered, Professor Lee handed scholarship certificates directly to each recipient. Recipients ranged from 5th graders to seniors in high schools. 

This year’s scholarship funds were raised by generous donations from Professor Lee himself, New Song Church, Ari Korean BBQ, and H-Mart.

Hamere Abate, a freshman at North Garland High School, expressed his gratitude towards students and professors, “IntelliChoice has provided me with so much help and guidance.”

Ivan Ortega, a sophomore at Skyline High School, thanked Professor Lee, “Professor Lee helped me improve my mathematics skills. He’s the best math teacher ever.” Ortega added, “It’s an honor to receive this scholarship. I will continue to improve myself and strive to become an influential figure in our community.” 

“Our goal is to help each and every student go after their dreams despite of their socio-economic status,” said Professor Lee, “I hope to see our students become global leaders that make a positive change in the world.”

Professor Lee told NewsKorea, “Scholarships are awarded every year to encourage students in their academic developments and help them reach their goals. I would like to ask our community to donate what they can to help these students; I believe that small donations made with warmth and kindness from each person in our community are much more meaningful than one giant donation made by one individual.”

Currently, IntelliChoice has 14 branches in different cities and has 777 students. A Total of 234 volunteers are helping students improve mathematics skills. “Students in low-income families tend to struggle with math and it’s holding them back from receiving a college education,” Professor Lee explained, “these students need our help to access higher education.”

In July, IntelliChoice held 3-hour SAT preparation classes every Monday through Friday for 4 weeks. These preparation classes were led by High school student volunteers that received high scores on their SAT. One of the students who attended the program received a high score of 1480.

To contribute to this cause of helping children in low-income families or for volunteering opportunities, visit

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