Chul-Hyun Hwang Becomes the 16th President of Korean American Amateur Sports Association
DATE 18-01-06 05:41
글쓴이 : 토부장      
by Alex Kim | News Korea

▲ Former president Duk-Hwan Jang(left) is handing over the club flag to new president Chul-Hyun Hwang(right) 

The 16th President of Korean Amateur Sports Association inauguration ceremony was held on Friday, December 15th at Korea House Restaurant.

Chul-Hyun Hwang, the new president of the association, has been appointed to lead the association for the next 2 years.

“Our goal is to be inclusive of all Dallas Korean-American residents and not just of the athletes,” said Hwang during his inauguration speech, “to achieve that goal, we need to be more united as an association and each sport organization must strive to strengthen their relationship with the community.”

Hwang plans to appoint representatives from each Korean-American church so the churches can take parts in the association. Also, Hwang will reach out to various Korean-owned businesses to promote active lifestyles.

Hwang places a great emphasis on the association serving as a bridge between the first and second generation Korean-Americans. “We must adapt to changes and our association is no exception,” said Hwang, “our association and each sport organization in Dallas need to focus on recruiting the next generation of athletes and members.”

Hwang has his eyes on the first place spot in the 20th Korean American National Sports Festival. “Dallas left a great impression in the 19th sports festival both as athletes and a host city,” said Hwang, “we just need to win the 20th Korean American National Festival in Seattle and let our glory shine throughout the nation. 

Hwang added, “We will not disappoint our community. Our association will continue to improve and develop to match the success and growth the city of Dallas has been displaying.”

Former president of Korean Amateur Sports Association of Dallas, Duk-Hwan Jang, commented, “For the past 6 years, our staff members have worked diligently to improve our association. We owe our success in 19th Sports Festival to our great team.”  

“Without the support of our Dallas residents, churches, and businesses, we would not have seen this magnitude of success in the last sports festival,” Jang added, “I ask that our Dallas Korean-American community to continue to show support and help President Hwang lead the association with success.”

The first president of the association, Gyo-Mo Jung, said in his speech, “Jang and I founded Korean Amateur Sports Association 36 years ago and everyone has helped us grow so much since then. We ask for your continued support and hard work.”

The inauguration ceremony ended with an appreciation ceremony for the 24 board members and directors of organizations who made the 19th Dallas sports festival possible. Frank Lee, the president of Dallas Shooting Sports Association, and Soo-Min Woo, a volunteer, received the opaques of appreciation on behalf of 24 recipients.

The 19th Dallas Korean American Sports Festival had a record-breaking number of participants with over 3,000 athletes from 30 different cities and 3,000 volunteers and attendees.

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