Korean-American Attorney John Jun to Announces Candidacy for Coppell City Council
DATE 18-02-12 06:32
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Attorney John Jun officially announced his run for Coppell city council during the press conference on Wednesday, January 31st.

Jun stated, “For the past 18 years, I raised my 4 children in Coppell and served our community.”

“City of Coppell has an exceptional administration, an excellent mayor, and an abundance of volunteers,” Jun added, “however, I want to reflect the city’s diverse population and expand the Asian culture within the city.”

In addition, Jun said, “I will make sure to further improve the safety of the students and ensure that the voices of diverse minorities are reflected in the city’s administration. I will ensure that none of the minority groups gets left behind on benefits and programs created by City of Coppell.”

◎ Campaigning for City Council
Jun’s election campaign is under configuration. Currently, Attorney Jung-Ho Park, Jun’s business partner, is appointed as the campaign treasurer. Various members of Korean American Coalition, an organization which Jun served as the president, volunteered to support Jun’s campaign.

The key to winning an election is the assembly of experienced advisors. Jun plans to receive guidance and mentorship from Young Sung, a councilmember for City of Carrollton.

Jun commented, “I’ll run around the city on my own two feet to secure votes, campaign funds, and volunteers.”

Jun is currently organizing a campaign night for all of the supporters. 

◎ Korean-American Voter Registration and Voting Participation

Jun is officially registered as a candidate for city council election as of Friday, January 26th. Currently, an Indian-American candidate is registered in District 6, the same district Jun is running for. The last day to register for city council candidacy is Friday, February 16th. 

According to Jun, there are 46,000 registered voters in Coppell. Amongst these 46,000 registered voters, 3,000 participate in voting. The number of minorities residing in Coppell increased in the recent years and the 40% of the population is consisted of Asian-Americans.

“The winner of the last year’s election was decided by 40 votes,” said Jun, “each and every vote holds heavy weight in this upcoming election.”

Jun added, “With a great number of Indian-American voters, this election campaign is not going to be easy. However, I will earn each voter’s trust and confidence by going door to door.”

Voter registration process ended on Monday, February 5th. Previously registered voters can vote without further registration.

Coppell city council consists of a total of 7 districts with 7 councilmembers. The length of term of office for city council is 3 years. The upcoming local elections include elections for the mayor of Coppell and its councilmembers in District 2, 4, and 6.

Any Coppell resident registered to vote over the age of 18 that resided in the city over 1 year is eligible to vote in the election.

◎ Encouraging Korean-American Community’s Participation in Democracy

Marvin Franklin is the current councilmember in District 6, a district which Jun announced his candidacy. Jun decided to run for city council after Franklin made an announcement of his retirement.

“I decided to run for the office because of my passion in volunteering and the community’s improvement rather than for my personal advancement,” said Jun, “I wanted to extend my volunteer work in the Korean-American community to the entire community of Coppell.” 

Jun explained that his 4 years of service in U.S. Navy was a life-changing experience. Thereafter, Jun proceeded to enroll in a law school to be of a service to others more efficiently and professionally and worked as a lawyer ever since. 

Jun expressed his passion for the next generation of Korean-Americans, “We have 2 Korean-American elected officials in Dallas; Judge Tina Yoo and the Councilmember Young Sung. I hope their accomplishments and my candidacy will inspire young Korean-Americans to become conscious of ‘grassroots local democracy’ and become actively involved in politics.”

Jun enrolled in the U.S. Navy immediately after high school. Jun obtained associate’s degree from North Lake College, bachelor’s degree from SMU, and juris doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law. Currently, Jun is an attorney at Park & Jun, PLLC.

Jun served in various organizations including Korean Society of Dallas, Dallas Korean Trade Association, and Korean-American Coalition. Jun is the president of Korean-American Coalition; an organization which he helped establish as one of the founding members in the year 2004.

In addition to his involvements in Korean-American community, Jun dedicates his time as an advisor for City Board of Adjustment and City Manager’s Advisory Group.

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