John Jun - Candidate for Coppell City Council Place 6
Last Day for Voting Registration - Tuesday, May 22nd
DATE 18-05-18 07:55
글쓴이 : 어드민      
By Alex Kim | News Korea
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For nearly 20 years, Attorney John Jun has been a “servant” for the community and continues to empower his community to exercise their right to take part in civic participation.


As the deadline for voter registration approaches (Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018), NewsKorea presents a U.S. Navy veteran, a servant, a Korean-American candidate for Coppell City Council, John Jun.


Who is John Jun?


John Jun is a candidate for Coppell City Council Place 6. For nearly two decades, Jun has been encouraging and helping young students and Korean-American senior citizens have their voice heard by helping them vote in elections. Jun has been a member of Coppell City Manager’s Advisory Group since 2016 and is currently serving in other various volunteer programs to further advance the quality of life of everyone in the community.


As a veteran, Jun understands the great value of serving the country and its people. Jun entered the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 and completed two six-months Mediterranean tours when the U.S. was in a conflict with Libya.


After finishing his service in the Navy, Jun became a husband and a father of three children. While working odd jobs to provide for his family, he found passion in volunteering and helping others.


When Jun enlisted in the Navy, he swore to never study again. However, he realized that, with education, the horizon of volunteering opportunities will significantly expand and he could serve the community more effectively. After graduating from SMU with a BA in Political Science and Public Policy in 2006, Jun obtained Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law in 2012. Jun has been serving the community as a pro bono attorney for the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program and for the Dallas Bar Association since becoming an attorney in 2012.


Reason(s) behind running for Coppell City Council Place 6


The number one reason why Jun decided to run for an office is to share the blessings he received over the past 18 years. Jun wants to give back to the city which he calls “Home” and allowed him to raise his three children with his wife.


Actions speak louder than words. In his effort to encourage more Americans to exercise their right to participate in civic duties, Candidate Jun has registered voters, provided transportation to and from the polling stations, and has provided translation of candidate platforms to help voters make informed decisions.


“I truly believe that there is no greater reason to run for an office than my desire to serve City of Coppell as a servant,” said Jun, “I believe that I can serve Coppell well with my experience and track of record.”


Changes/Advancements that will take place if elected


Jun plans to provide as much resources as possible within the reasonable bounds to ensure that businesses can thrive in the City of Coppell.


Jun will make sure that people in the City of Coppell continue to live in a safe environment by providing the police and fire department with the tools and resources necessary for them to fulfill their duties effectively and efficiently.


Jun plans to practice “conscious spending” with the city’s budget in everything and every action with the next generation of Coppellians in mind.


To vote in the upcoming election, you must be registered by upcoming Tuesday, May 22nd.

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