Father of Dimitrios Pagourtzis – “My son was a good boy… he was a victim”
DATE 18-05-22 12:04
글쓴이 : 어드민      
By Alex Kim | News Korea

On Friday, May 18th, a 17-year-old student, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, allegedly shot and killed 10 people at Santa Fe High School located in the Houston metropolitan area.


Pagourtzis entered the school with a shotgun and a revolver on Friday morning and killed eight students and two teachers.


Pagourtzis is currently being held on capital murder charges and is under suicide watch at the Galveston County Jail, reported CNN.


While many Americans hold loosened gun laws and an overabundance of firearms accountable for the school shooting, the father of Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Antonios Pagourtzis, believes that bullying has driven his son to commit a killing spree.


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Monday, Antonios Pagourtzis said his son was a “good boy who had been mistreated at school” and bullying was behind the shooting.


According to Santa Fe Independent School District, the administration investigated the claim that SFISD high school coaches exhibited bully-like behaviors toward the accused shooter and determined the claim to be untrue.


In a separate interview on Saturday, Pagourtzis told Greece’s Antenna TV that “something must have happened” to his son and “somebody probably came and hurt him.”


Pagourtzis told the press that his son left for school earlier than usual on the day of the shooting. “When I asked him why he is leaving so early, he said, ‘I love you, Dad. I’m off. I love you and I’ll see you in the afternoon,’” said Pagourtzis.


“I feel the pain of the others, but I have the same pain,” said Pagourtzis, “I have the same exact pain.”


“My son, to me, is not a criminal, he's a victim,” Pagourtzis added.


Dimitrios Pagourtzis will not receive death penalty if he is convicted as Texas passed a law in 2005 which banned the execution of criminals younger than 18.


In the wake of Santa Fe High School shooting, Texas Governor Greg Abbott convened the first of three roundtable discussions with legislators and school and public safety officials regarding school and gun safety on Tuesday, May 22nd.


"Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, whether you are pro-gun or believe in more gun regulations, the reality is we all want guns out of the hands of those who would try to murder our children," said Governor Abbott.


The assembly of lawmakers and officials discussed solutions to potential attacks in schools during the first meeting. For the next two roundtable discussions (Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th), the group will examine gun regulations, mental health solutions, and the needs of the victims.

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